Friday, April 23, 2010

Spring Has Officially Sprung!

Signs I Know That Spring Is Here:
7.  My students have checked out.  For some reason they think it's May 20th already...I am giving a practice state test today and a girl asked me (completely serious) "Do I have to do this?" yes, you do.  And you must try.  I haven't resorted to begging yet, but I believe that's next.
6.  The skirts are getting shorter.  Enough said
5.  I would sooooo much rather be outside than at my desk.
4.  Farmer's Markets have opened...Yippee!!
3.  My skin has a little color, as opposed to the ghost white sleeves I've been sporting since September
2.  New couples have emerged at school.  It's funny, because around March all the winter couples break up and new couples form just in time for prom.  The freshman girls are salivating right now...

And the #1 reason I know spring is here...
1.  I literally must sweep the house EVERY DAY in order to control the massive amounts of dog hair that has been shed over the past few weeks.  Is there business in wigs for dogs?? If so, I think I've hit a goldmine

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