Thursday, November 12, 2009

2009 In A Nutshell

I am very new to the world of blogging but I'm getting better.  I had grand plans to create a blog before we got married but it just didn't happen.  So now I have decided to start fresh, but we have a lot of catching up to do.  2009 has been a whirlwind year.  Timothy and I finally got married...and I say finally lovingly.  It was an amazing and amazingly hot day.  It was so wonderful to have so many of our family and friends there to share that moment with us.  Here are a few of the snapshots from July 11th, 2009

Whew! Once the wedding was over and we were officially married, we jetted off to Jamaica for our honeymoon.  Well...we didn't exactly jet off immediately.  That was our plan, but Northwest had a different idea for us.  Our flight was delayed for about 12 hours...4 stops later, we were in Jamaica!  Here are just a few pictures from that amazing trip.

So once the honeymoon was over we attempted to settle into life as we now know it.  Me teaching and him working his butt off as a machinist.  I love being a newlywed!  Up next...Our baby...Champ!

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