Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Gimme a Break

At 12:20 today I am officially on vacation.  Is it weird that I cannot wait to get home and clean the house?  We have not had a spare moment to ourselves to get anything done around the house and with Christmas fast approaching, there is so much stuff scattered around.  I had the brilliant idea this year to give out more homemade gifts, which includes some pretty bad ass apple butter if I do say so myself!  There is stuff everywhere!  And by everywhere, I mean I'm moving stuff around just to have a place to rest my feet on the coffee table.  When we got furniture we went for the giant square coffee table so that you could use it from both couches.  It looks awesome, and is very functional, especially for wrapping presents.  It is in the perfect location where I can watch tv, wrap presents, and give my back a break all at the same time.  Problem is, all the supplies are scattered all over the table.  Last weekend I had some time to myself and I found myself with two choices.  1 - I could work on cleaning the living room, or 2 - I could wrap presents.  After much debating I chose #2...my logic?  Why clean the living room just to drag out all the wrapping paper in a couple of days anyway?  Great plan...if I had put everything away when I was done.  Problem was, I was exhausted after wrapping all those presents!  So after I was done wrapping presents Saturday night I curled up with a blanket and watched the rest of The Holiday while admiring our Christmas tree glowing with pretty presents underneath.  Two thoughts...Why does Jude Law have to be so darn sexy?  Even while doing Mr. Napkinhead for cryin' out loud!...and...man British kids have the cutest accents! 

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