Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Favorite Time Of Year

No, not for the weather.  You see, if I could have Christmas in July I would be super happy.  But that's wasn't quite in God's plan now was it?  This is my favorite time of the year because I absolutely love to give gifts.  I could seriously have Christmas and not get a single gift and still love it because I get to give to others.  Although I have been accused of going overboard...I try to be reasonable with my purchases, but I have a bad habit of forgetting how many things I have gotten for one person or how much money I have spent so far.  This is the part that Timothy doesn't like.  This is the one time of the year that I get a little carried away.  Any other month, I would be the penny pincher that everyone knows.  I am obsessed with saving money (although I don't have much to show for that) and I get buyer's remorse right after any purchase...except for in December.  I wish I was better about buying things before December, like throughout the year, so that I had it all and just had to wrap it, but who does that??? Seriously?!?!? 

One of my favorite things is wrapping presents.  Sarah came over last saturday and we wrapped presents for about 5 hours.  It never got old...I just got tired.  I love the look of a well-wrapped present and I am slightly OCD about having it wrapped perfectly.  I also love different bows and trimmings.  I haven't tried this yet but I would really like to make some of my own bows in the future...check out this website:  This is Christmas tip #1 from me (I'll try to do 10 before Christmas, who knows if that will happen ;)

Also...I am in the process of trying to do a better job of taking pictures with my camera.  I have an awesome camera, but I don't use it enough.  I'm really bad about that because it is always charged and in my purse, I just don't take a lot of pictures.  Hopefully will have some up here on the blog soon. 

Happy Holidays!!!

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