Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Blue Skies Ahead

Though it is dreary outside, there are sunny skies in the Howell house. There are some exciting things that are developing, and while I can't devulge all details right now I will say that things are definitely looking up and we are blessed beyond belief. A few reasons:
  1. We have been able to start saving so much more money lately.  We have almost everything paid off except the house and are looking to try and save even more money to continue remodeling and save for when we decide to build.  This can sometimes be a struggle considering some of the luxuries we have given up, but I'm proud of us :)
  2. I have been working for some time on a side business that I can use to help generate extra income for our family.  I am finally in the planning/developmental stage and am excited to get the ball rolling.  Just waiting to hear back on some of the questions I have on logistics.  Super excited nonetheless.
  3. Timothy and I are trying to make plans to get to both Denver and Oklahoma soon to visit friends.  Some days are harder than others without my best girls, but I realize that they are still there...I just have to go to them! :)
  4. Basketball is almost over!  Not that I haven't enjoyed this season, but I'm really tired...and I need a little break.  I'm ready to cook, clean, and do other wifey stuff, and have a little stuff for me sprinkled in there! Plus the end of basketball means that spring is right around the corner, and oh how I love spring.

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