Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Vacation...round two

Found out today that I will be getting a little unexpected vacation the next couple of days!  School's cancelled baby.  While I am not super excited about the idea of adding a day at the end of the year and losing a day of spring break, I have to admit this will give me a chance to get some shiz done around the house.  You would think that during my 2 week long Christmas vacation I would have gotten the whole house cleaned...if so, you thought wrong.  I did a great job getting the major rooms really clean but did a pretty bad job at laundry.  So my goal is to get ALL the laundry done during this extended weekend.  Yes I said it...ALL the laundry.  My husband will be happy...I will be happy...the dog, well the dog will be pissed.  He seems to find comfort taking naps on my dirty sweatshirts and sweatpants.  I'm a softy.  Plus it's hard to say no when it's not his fault all the dirty laundry is in a pile on the floor.  So here's to wearing your pjs all day, making chili and hot chocolate, watching trashy daytime tv...and laundry

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